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Electric Go Kart for kids 24v battery White

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We are proud to welcome our first Drifter to the market. Powerful engine, steel frame & a true 24 volt car – funky and Sooo much fun!!! Comes with a White Panel . Has Special Drifter EVA rubber tyres, replacements available at affordable price. * Due to the powerful motor, battery capacity is up to 20min. Must be driven on smooth surface.


  • Maximum speed of 18km/h
  • Leather Seats 1 child
  • 25000RPM motors
  • 2x 12 Volt 7 Amp batteries
  • Seatbelt
Suitable for kids 6-12years (up to cm and 60kg)
Package size: 116.5x58x30cm
Assembled size: 110x77x54cm

Batteries: 2x 12v7AH (24V)

Two driving motors( 2x60W ) 775#
24v drift function 
High low speed selection, slow start function
steering wheel has horn and music function
Good quality center control with slow start