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Dog Pet Water Trough Autofill drinking bowl sheep goat chicken

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This auction is for one Brand new Heavy duty Automatic fill Water Stainless Steel Trough



The operation of the drinking bowl requires little attention as it constantly and automatically refills to float level.

You can control the amount of the water in the feeder by adjusting the float mechanism to meet your needs.

Your animals will benefit from the constant source of fresh water and leave you free to attend to other tasks.

The design of the water bowl slopes back to front which allows easy access for animals.

The sloping design also allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

The water bows is wall mountable and has a hinged cover to protect the float mechanism.



Material: 304 Stainless steel

Type: Wall mountable (bolts not included)

Screw: 3/4" NH Screw Thread

Capacity: around 2.5 Liters



-It does require pressure to fill. ( Gravity fill may resuit very slow water flow)

- Float mechanism protected by hinged cover

- Automatic fill to desired float level


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